EyeLevel Intro

What happens when we don't respond to customers quickly enough? They look for a competitor who will.

With EyeLevel, you can instantly respond to your customers with automated chat. Our platform and APIs make it easy to add to any marketing channel including:

  • Offline with QR codes

  • Inbound

    • Website

    • Facebook Business Pages

    • Instagram Pages

  • Outbound

    • Facebook Ads

    • Instagram Ads

    • LinkedIn Ads

    • Google Search

    • Digital Ads

    • Email

Create automated chats (or select from our library of templates) that can:

  • Capture and qualify leads

  • Schedule follow up appointments

  • Respond to basic inquiries

  • Provide content and promotions

  • Transition to a live chat with a representative

For scenarios where you prefer to live chat with your customers, we offer unique integrations into communication tools you are already using including:

  • SMS text

  • Slack

  • Microsoft Teams

Easily trigger browser side and server side events to notify and update your existing systems including:

  • HubSpot

  • Salesforce

  • Marketo

  • Mailchimp

  • Zapier

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Google Ads Pixel

  • LinkedIn Pixel

  • Custom javascript


Get started today and never miss another lead.

What is an EyeLevel Partner?

An EyeLevel partner is a business organization with privileged API access to the EyeLevel platform. Partner accounts are created by the EyeLevel team. Requests for access can be submitted using this form.

An EyeLevel partner is able to programmatically access the platform to create new customer accounts, build and deploy chat flows, customize chat experiences, and much, much more.

What is an EyeLevel customer?

An EyeLevel customer is an individual or business that has created an EyeLevel account, started a subscription, entered billing information, and received a license (in the form of a customer key). EyeLevel customers can build and deploy chat flows, customize chat experiences, and install sales and marketing integrations using the EyeLevel web dashboard.

An EyeLevel customer does not have API access to the EyeLevel platform and must manage their accounts using the web dashboard.

What is an end user?

An end user is someone who engages in an EyeLevel chat. These are typically the potential customers (or leads) of an EyeLevel customer. An end user may engage in a chat with an EyeLevel customer business from their Facebook business page, website, paid marketing campaigns, etc...

What is a chat flow?

A chat flow is an automated conversational experience that is defined in the EyeLevel system by using the partner APIs or web dashboard. A chat flow is what end users experience when they engage in chats. A chat flow can also include instructions to export data using server side events, to trigger browser side events that execute local javascript commands, and to transfer control of the chat to a business representative.

What are templates?

A template is a standardized chat flow. They can be used to quickly create new chat flows for common business use cases. When a template is used as the basis to create a new chat flow, the EyeLevel system will automatically insert and update the chat flow with customer specific information such as their preferred sales, marketing, and live chat integrations.

What are integrations?

Integrations are configurations for third party systems. These include server side REST API calls, browser side custom javascript, and EyeLevel app installations for HubSpot, Zapier, and Mailchimp.

Integrations allow EyeLevel to import and export data to and from the chats to third party systems. Integrations can be triggered after a chat has been completed or as an in-chat event during the chat itself.

Common use cases include updating a lead record in a CRM and notifying an analytics pixel of important chat events.

What does "publish" mean?

Publishing means that the EyeLevel system has proactively activated a chat flow on a marketing channel on behalf of the EyeLevel customer. For Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns, this means the campaign configurations have been automatically updated to trigger an EyeLevel chat when an ad is clicked. For websites, it means that the chat flow has been activated on the website.

What are themes?

Themes are customized branding for the chat experiences. Themes are applied per chat flow. While one theme can be applied to many chat flows, a chat flow can only be associated with a single theme. Themes are configured using palette attributes or with custom CSS.

What are off hours?

Off hours are windows of time that define when a business is "closed" or "open". Different chat flows can be executed based on the time of day or day of the week using the off hours concept.

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