Deploy chat flows to any marketing channel

When you are ready to deploy a chat flow to a marketing channel, you must use the publish API for that marketing channel. EyeLevel will automatically generate everything needed to connect the chat flow to the requested marketing channel.


You receive a URL where you can download a zip file containing QR codes in a variety of image sizes and file types. This URL is valid for up to 24 hours. The files included in the zip file are:

  • FLOW_NAME@200px.png

  • FLOW_NAME@500px.png

  • FLOW_NAME@1000px.png

  • FLOW_NAME.svg

where FLOW_NAME is the name of the chat flow.

You also receive a URL that can be used to re-generate the QR code.


When you publish a flow to a website, the chat flow that is published becomes the active default chat flow for the website. This means that, unless the appropriate EyeLevel URL parameters are included in the URL, the most recently published chat flow will be loaded by default.

You also receive a permalink URL that can be used to launch the chat flow on the website at any time, regardless of which chat flow is currently published to the website.


When you publish a flow to a Facebook page, the chat flow is assigned to:

These entry points are described in greater detail in the Facebook Send API documentation.


By publishing to a Facebook page, you also publish to any Instagram pages associated with the Facebook page. The entry point to the chat flow on Instagram is a direct message to the Instagram page.


When you publish a chat flow to a Facebook Ad campaign, the EyeLevel platform will automatically create a draft campaign, ad set, and ad in the specified Facebook ad campaign account.

The ONLY Facebook ad campaign setting that is required to launch an EyeLevel chat is the MESSAGE TEMPLATE. The other drafted campaign, ad set, and ad settings can be freely modified. EyeLevel automatically creates the MESSAGE TEMPLATE on your behalf when you publish. You can find it in the ad settings of the ad that was automatically drafted for you.

We highly recommend you save the MESSAGE TEMPLATE as a reusable template by:

  1. Editing the ad settings in Facebook Ad Manager

  2. Scrolling to the MESSAGE TEMPLATE section of the ad settings

  3. Clicking "Edit" below "Advanced Setup" (DO NOT change the "Advanced JSON Setup")

  4. Giving the template a name and "Save Template"

Once you save the template, you can reference it from any Facebook ad campaign in the ad account.


Follow the instructions in the FACEBOOK ADS section above to create a reusable MESSAGE TEMPLATE. Once you save a reusable template, you can reference it when setting up Instagram ads in Facebook Ad Manager.


When you publish a flow to email, you receive a permalink URL that can be used to launch the chat flow from your email marketing. Include the permalink URL in your emails as a hyperlink applied to any text or multimedia elements in the email. When an end user clicks the URL hyperlink in your emails, they will instantly be redirected into an EyeLevel chat.


Support for LinkedIn, Google Search, and digital ads is currently only available by request. If you wish to request access to these features, please contact us at



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