Information about using EyeLevel hosting for chats

EyeLevel can host chats on your behalf for certain marketing channels such as:

  • QR codes

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Google Search

  • Digital Ads

  • Email

If you choose to use EyeLevel hosting for your chats, you will receive publish information (e.g. a QR code or URL) that uses the EyeLevel hosting domain when you publish the hosted chat flow. The EyeLevel base hosting domain is chat.eyelevel.ai.

You are able to apply themes and off hours settings to EyeLevel hosted chats. When an end user enters into an EyeLevel hosted chat, the experience is a full screen chat (on both desktop and mobile).

EyeLevel hosted chats have the advantage of loading extremely quickly compared to website hosted chats. Using EyeLevel hosting for chats can make sense when your goal is to create a dedicated chat experience.

The process of enabling EyeLevel hosting is described in the PUBLISH section of this API documentation.

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